Sold: Octane

Huffluff, one of my Octanes, this one has Mardi Gras graphics and a digital video option board.


huffluff 2# hinv -mv
Location: /hw/node
PM20300MHZ Board: barcode KCX120 part 030-1356-001 rev M
Location: /hw/node/xtalk/15
IP30 Board: barcode KJK807 part 030-1467-001 rev D
Location: /hw/node/xtalk/15/pci/2
PWR.SPPLY.ER Board: barcode AAE9500083 part 060-0035-002 rev A
FP1 Board: barcode KFG017 part 030-0891-003 rev G
Location: /hw/node/xtalk/12
MOT20 Board: barcode GRB198 part 030-1240-003 rev B
Location: /hw/node/xtalk/11
GALILEO15 Board: barcode KWH513 part 030-0931-004 rev C
2 300 MHZ IP30 Processors
Heart ASIC: Revision F
CPU: MIPS R12000 Processor Chip Revision: 2.3
FPU: MIPS R12010 Floating Point Chip Revision: 0.0
Main memory size: 2048 Mbytes
Xbow ASIC: Revision 1.4
Instruction cache size: 32 Kbytes
Data cache size: 32 Kbytes
Secondary unified instruction/data cache size: 2 Mbytes
Integral SCSI controller 0: Version QL1040B (rev. 2), single ended
Disk drive: unit 1 on SCSI controller 0 (unit 1)
Disk drive: unit 3 on SCSI controller 0 (unit 3)
Integral SCSI controller 1: Version QL1040B (rev. 2), single ended
IOC3/IOC4 serial port: tty1
IOC3/IOC4 serial port: tty2
IOC3 parallel port: plp1
Graphics board: EMXI
Integral Fast Ethernet: ef0, version 1, pci 2
Iris Audio Processor: version RAD revision 12.0, number 1
PCI Adapter ID (vendor 0x10a9, device 0x0003) PCI slot 2
PCI Adapter ID (vendor 0x1077, device 0x1020) PCI slot 0
PCI Adapter ID (vendor 0x1077, device 0x1020) PCI slot 1
PCI Adapter ID (vendor 0x10a9, device 0x0005) PCI slot 3
Digital Video: unit 1, revision 5.2, TMI: revision 2, CSC: revision 1
huffluff 3# /usr/gfx/gfxinfo -v
Graphics board 0 is "IMPACTSR" graphics.
Managed (":0.0") 1280x1024
Product ID 0x3, 2 GEs, 2 REs, 4 TRAMs
MGRAS revision 4, RA revision 0
HQ rev B, GE12 rev A, RE4 rev C, PP1 rev E,
VC3 rev A, CMAP rev E, Heart rev F
21" monitor (id 0xb)
Video board present

(Could not contact X server; thus, no XSGIvc information available)
huffluff 4# diskpatch -v
sc0d1l0: Disk SGI IBM DDRS-39130W S95D Serial: REG08466
sc0d3l0: Disk SEAGATE ST118273WC 6244 Serial: LP213036
huffluff 5# uname -aR
IRIX64 huffluff 6.5 6.5.28m 07010238 IP30

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